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  • This could definitely become very popular, very fast ;) David Heinemeier Hansson, Creator of Ruby on Rails
  • “It is often said that Rails is weak on deployment; PHP runs fairly fast just by uploading scripts. Rails is slow on development mode, and requires restarting on production mode (and bit complex to configure). modrails might be the answer for it.”
    Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz), Creator of Ruby
  • Passenger is the closest thing to ‘plug and play’ for Ruby on Rails applications available. The end-user experience is pretty much just ‘upload and go’, and the code caching model it uses is superior to both FastCGI and Mongrel for a shared hosting environment. Dallas Kashuba, Co-Founder / CTO of DreamHost
  • Passenger is the best thing since the first coming of Christ! Pratik Naik (lifolifo), Ruby on Rails core developer
  • They’ve made Rails deployment so good that it's boring. Thijs van der Vossen, CEO of Fingertips
  • Easy, straight forward deployment self-contained in one directory, resulting in a way faster and snappier application. If you want hassle-free deployment, there is but one option: Phusion Passenger. Stefan Fountain, "Hassle-Free" Founder of Soocial
  • Installing Passenger was really easy! If I can do it, everyone can. Weyert de Boer, Co-Author of "Foundation Flash Applications for Mobile Devices (Friends of Ed)" and Adobe Community Expert