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Commercial Support

Phusion Passenger has been designed and written to be reliable and robust in production environments. Nevertheless, some may still experience deployment problems, or need a custom feature. We are providing paid commercial support for those who need it. Our team of experts are experienced in a wide variety of environments — Linux-based environments in particular — and have deep knowledge of the Ruby internals, Ruby on Rails and Passenger.

Please contact for information.

Community Support

Discussion board
For development discussions and support questions, please join our discussion board.
Announcement mailing list
New releases of Phusion Passenger are announced on the announcement mailing list as well as on our blog. The announcement mailing list is extremely low-traffic and is read-only.
IRC channel
Our IRC channel is at #passenger.
Our publicly editable Wiki allows users to contribute useful documentation and other information.
Issue tracker
If you believe you’ve found a bug, or if you want to submit a patch, please submit it to our issue tracker.

If you think the issue is important, please also send a message to our discussion board to raise our attention.