Passenger::Thread Class Reference

#include <System.h>

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Detailed Description

Thread class with system call interruption support.

Public Member Functions

void interrupt ()
 Interrupt the thread.
void interruptAndJoin ()
 Keep interrupting the thread until it's done, then join it.

Member Function Documentation

void Passenger::Thread::interrupt (  )  [inline]

Interrupt the thread.

This method behaves just like boost::thread::interrupt(), but will also respect the interruption points defined in Passenger::InterruptableCalls.

Note that an interruption request may get lost, depending on the current execution point of the thread. Thus, one should call this method in a loop, until a certain goal condition has been fulfilled. interruptAndJoin() is a convenience method that implements this pattern.

void Passenger::Thread::interruptAndJoin (  )  [inline]

Keep interrupting the thread until it's done, then join it.


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