Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Passenger::AnythingToString< T >Used internally by toString()
Passenger::Passenger::AnythingToString< vector< string > >Used internally by toString()
Passenger::ApplicationRepresents a single Ruby on Rails or Rack application instance
Passenger::Application::SessionRepresents the life time of a single request/response pair of a Ruby on Rails or Rack application
Passenger::ApplicationPoolA persistent pool of Applications
Passenger::ApplicationPoolServerMulti-process usage support for ApplicationPool
Passenger::BusyExceptionThe application pool is too busy and cannot fulfill a get() request
ClientRepresents a single ApplicationPool client, connected to this server
Passenger::ConfigurationExceptionThrown when an invalid configuration is given
DirectoryMapperUtility class for determining URI-to-Rails/Rack directory mappings
boost::this_thread::disable_syscall_interruptionCreate this struct on the stack to temporarily disable system call interruption, until the object goes out of scope
Passenger::DummySpawnManagerA dummy SpawnManager replacement for testing/debugging purposes
boost::this_thread::enable_syscall_interruptionCreate this struct on the stack to temporarily enable system call interruption, until the object goes out of scope
Passenger::FileNotFoundExceptionThrown when a certain file cannot be found
Passenger::FileSystemExceptionA filesystem error, as returned by the operating system
HooksApache hook functions, wrapped in a class
Passenger::IOExceptionRepresents an error that occured during an I/O operation
Passenger::MessageChannelConvenience class for I/O operations on file descriptors
boost::this_thread::restore_syscall_interruptionCreating an object of this class on the stack will restore the system call interruption state to what it was before
Passenger::SpawnExceptionThrown when SpawnManager or ApplicationPool fails to spawn an application instance
Passenger::SpawnManagerSpawning of Ruby on Rails/Rack application instances
Passenger::StandardApplicationPoolA standard implementation of ApplicationPool for single-process environments
Passenger::SystemExceptionRepresents an error returned by a system call or a standard library call
Passenger::TempFileRepresents a temporary file
Passenger::ThreadThread class with system call interruption support

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